My Favorite Beauty Gurus

Whether you’re new to makeup or you’re an old pro, it’s always fun to watch videos or read articles by fellow makeup lovers. Here’s a list of my favorite gurus and a little blurb about them! All blogs/channel names are links to the websites themselves.


So I don’t read Temptalia religiously, but she still belongs on this list. I pretty much use this blog as a go-to for products I’m considering buying or new products I’m curious about. She seems to have all the latest products and does the most thorough reviews I’ve ever seen. She includes dupes and rates products on a wide variety of characteristics. I can’t recommend her enough. Keep her in mind next time you want a thorough review of a product.

Tati (GlamLifeGuru)

Tati is a controversial beauty guru to love, but I don’t care. While I don’t buy into a lot of her “firming” products and she definitely loves some gimmicky products, I still love watching her channel. She’s also gotten some flack for her “WTF” series where she tests out obscenely expensive beauty products from the likes of La Mer and La Prairie; people think she’s flaunting her money and success. I see it another way though! Those are products that I would never ever buy on my own, but I have a kind of morbid curiosity about whether or not these products are worth the money. Tati gives me the satisfaction of a good review without spending any of my own money. She also posts every weekday, which means I always have something new to watch by her.

Jaclyn Hill

Another controversial figure. Jaclyn got a lot of heat for the quality of the eye shadows in her Becca collaboration palette, though I personally don’t blame her for that; she doesn’t really make the formulation decisions, that’s on Becca. But anyway, I don’t watch all of her videos, because all of them are like 25 minutes long and a lot of them are tutorial type things and honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that. She’s definitely an all over the place kind of person and she tends to ramble a lot, but when I have the time and I’m in the right mood, she can be fun to watch.


In the same vein of super hyper, easily distracted vloggers is Bunny Meyer aka Grav3yardgirl. Again, I have to be in a certain mood to watch Bunny, but I don’t find her as grating as I can find Jaclyn. I don’t really watch Bunny for serious reviews; she’s more for when I just want to have fun and feel happy about makeup. She’s not exclusively makeup either; she does hair, pinterest hack tests, unboxings of various kinds, and “tea vlogs” where she just talks to the camera while drinking sweet tea. I watch a lot of her videos because even though she’s kind of scatterbrained and hyper, I find her weirdly relaxing.

Jackie Aina

Wow. Jackie is an absolute queen. Her reviews are great because she really tells it like it is. She kicked off this awesome campaign to get black owned makeup brands on the map and she calls out companies for their poor shade ranges. She’s a great resource if you’re a person of color and you’re looking for makeup that caters to your needs. I love that she’s not afraid to call out the brands she loves for their poor choices (looking at your, Marc Jacobs). Really she’s just an all around good time and I really appreciate everything she does.


I love Kathleen so much. She has such a warm, bubbly personality and she’s one of the most down to earth people on YouTube. She manages to be very happy and bubbly and also talk about real issues like her struggles with anxiety and depression. She has a ton of different tutorials that are super easy to follow and I swear she has a look for every occasion. She also does some great videos about both products she loves and products she doesn’t love and she’s always honest, no matter what. She’s one of my very favorite people to watch, not just in terms of beauty but YouTubers in general.

Jessica Braun (JAMbeauty89)

She is an absolute gem. Honest to a fault, she’s one of the YouTubers I trust most when it comes to making decisions about what to purchase. She’s super clear when it comes to sponsored videos, and has gone in depth about how she chooses whom to collaborate with. She’s just such a sweet person and she’s so genuine; it doesn’t feel like she’s a stranger on the internet, it feels like she’s someone who’s genuinely just an old friend talking to you about makeup.


Ok, Emily is probably my favorite person of all to watch. The thing I appreciate the most is that she’s totally honest about every product. She has products she loves, but she’s willing to acknowledge their weaknesses, and she also has products she dislikes but acknowledges what’s great about them. I’ve heard some people call her boring, but I actually appreciate her calm demeanor and straightforward approach to makeup reviews. She tests products thoroughly and tries them in different situations and she’s just all around wonderful. I strive to be like her in my reviews and she inspires me to be a better beauty blogger.


I think Leigh Ann is a great balance of excellent reviews, tutorials, and whimsical attitude. She can wander off and make silly jokes, but her videos never seem to run longer than they need to. She loves a bargain and has tons of great videos about drugstore makeup she loves. Her dog is absolutely adorable and a staple in all of her videos without being too distracting. I never miss a video from Leigh Ann and I can definitely say that she’s my favorite YouTuber to watch at the moment.