Sulfates: Good or Bad?

Sulfates and parabens are very much in the same boat right now in the beauty community: everyone says they’re bad for you, but they don’t have the evidence to back it up. In the same way all makeup seems to shout “paraben free” from the rooftops, a lot of hair care products are doing the same with the “sulfate free” marketing. But is it warranted? Are sulfates really that bad? As you might expect, there’s no simple yes or no answer to this question.

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The Truth About Parabens

If you’re an avid makeup buyer, you’ve probably seen a barrage of products that proudly proclaim “Paraben free!” But what does that even mean? Sure, it’s paraben free, but why do we need to get rid of parabens in the first place? And what the heck is a paraben anyway? Today I want to answer those questions and hopefully help everyone gain a little more understanding about the products you’re purchasing.

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