New Face Product Reviews

Hey y’all! Today I’m going to be posting reviews of some face products I bought recently! Most of this is from the VIB Sale but there is one new drugstore favorite in the mix. These products are ones that I’ve been using for the last few weeks and I’m feeling pretty good about my opinions on them. If you want to take a look at my current face routine and get some reviews too, keep on reading!

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation


I don’t know how it took me so long to try this, honestly. Pretty much every beauty vlogger I watch has recommended this foundation, but for some reason I just never picked it up. But now that I have, let me tell you, I have seen the light. This is definitely one of those foundations that I’m going to keep in my makeup bag at all times. It’s already been my go-to travel foundation and I’m wearing it almost every day to work. There’s a lot of reason to love this product, but let’s talk about the price. This foundation is $6.29 on Considering the rising prices of drugstore products, I consider this an incredible deal. But now let’s look at the coverage.


Sorry about the RBF. I didn’t realize how serious I looked until I looked at these photos later!

Alright, my face is breaking out a ton right now, so coverage without pore clogging is important to me. This foundation is perfect for that! The picture above is a comparison of my bare face and my face with one thin layer of this foundation on. Not too bad at all!


It’s obviously not the fullest coverage, but it’s still pretty up there, especially for such a low price!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer


Y’all. I love this stuff. It’s so creamy, and so full coverage and it’s just perfect for both under the eye and for blemishes. Look at the previous pictures, and then look at the improvement that happens when I put this magical junk on my face.




Y’all. Look at that. It make everything disappear. But I will say, you do need to set this down with some setting powder. It’ll stay tacky if you don’t.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder


I’m still very much on the fence about this. It’s undoubtedly a very nice powder, and it’s super finely milled, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the money. Now, the reason I bought it is because I wanted a powder that didn’t have flashback. Flashback is when the flash of a camera get’s reflected back and causes a white cast. Not super cute if you’re at an evening event and all the photos show tons of white powder around your eyes. Flashback in powders is primarily caused by high silica content.


On the left we have Anastasia Concealer set with NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder, made of 100% silica. On the right we have Anastasia Concealer set with Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. You can see that the NYX one looks much more white in this photo, and that’s due to the flashback.

Now, here’s my face set with Laura Mercier powder.


It sets down ok. I’m still experimenting with applying it with a brush vs the Laura Mercier Velour Powder Puff. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post where I explore whether or not this powder is worth it.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

I’ve been lusting after this for years, so this is an amazing moment. This is a product designed to be applied at the very end of your makeup routine, just before your setting powder. I don’t even know how to describe how this looks. You can barely notice that it’s there, but it’s almost like an Instagram filter in real life. I feel like this is such a cliché and I hate to say it, but it really does give you a “lit from within” glow.

Left side has Dim Light applied, right side does not.

Again, it’s so subtle that I don’t feel this images do the product justice, but so far I’m really loving it and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

That’s all for today! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give it a like and to follow me for updates! You can also like my on my Facebook page and on Twitter! Thanks so much for reading!


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