Quick Tips: One-Shadow Eye Look

On days when I’m in a rush, but I still want a little color on my lids, I’ll often opt for the one-shadow look. Essentially, as the name implies, you use one eyeshadow to create a complete look. It’s a great way to do on-the-go makeup, since you only need one eye shadow single and one brush!

Today I’m using a Colourpop eye shadow called Bandit. It’s a medium kind of rusty brown, so it’s ideal for this kind of look. I like using a medium shade that can be sheered out a lot, but that you can also build up to be a little more intense.

These shadows are ideally applied using a synthetic brush or your fingers, so those are the two tools I’ll be using for this look! The synthetic brush I’m using is just the one that comes in the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, but there are plenty of drugstore synthetic brushes that could work for this! This is a swatch of the shadow using my finger


I started out with blank lids, with just a little bit of primer smeared on them.


So first you want to load up your synthetic brush and blend the color into your crease. Bring the color up and blend it out until it starts fading up toward your brow bone. You really want to blend it out until there’s just a hint of color toward your brow bone and more intense color in your crease. Make sure to form kind of a rounded shape on the outer corner of your eye so that you can connect the color down to your lower lash line later.


Next, just take your finger and build up the shadow to your desired intensity on your lid. I wanted a lot of contrast so I added a bunch of shadow, but you can do a more subtle look if you want.

Next, take a little bit of shadow on the brush and sweep it along your lower lash line. Again, you can build it up to your desired intensity.


Then just finish it off with whatever mascara and eyeliner you like! I just lined my waterline with black and added some mascara for a quick, but put-together look, but you could add a wing or whatever you want!




I wanted to add a little something something, so here’s a quick addition to take your one-shadow look to the next level, or transition it from day to night. Technically it requires another shadow, but it’s another single that’s easy to just throw in a bag on the go!

All I did was use my finger to add some L’Oreal Amber Rush on top of Bandit! It’s that easy! It really stepped this look up and made it look like you put a lot of effort into it, when really it was a super quick, super easy look to do!



And that’s all there is to it!

What’s your favorite quick shadow look? Let me know in the comments!

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