Reviews: Beauty Blender & Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Hey everyone! Today is a two-for-one post: I’ll be reviewing two products at the same time, since in my mind these two are kind of connected! I’ll be talking about the Beauty Blender and Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal skin! Click through to read more!

So let’s start with the most ridiculous product: the Beauty Blender. If you’ve been on YouTube for 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ve heard every beauty guru talk about these a million times. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this product, Beauty Blender is a brand of beauty sponge, used to blend out liquid or cream products. You’re supposed to use them damp and bounce them across your skin for an even, airbrushed type look. This tool will run you $20 at your local Sephora, or $30 for a two pack at Costco online.

I love makeup, I love makeup tools, I love it all. But until recently I resisted the hype and had decided that I didn’t need this overpriced sponge. Part of it was that I was indignant about spending that much on a tiny sponge. I had a small budget and I never wanted to make room for this huge splurge. Part of it was that I really was happy with the application I got using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. It was nice for concealer, which is all I needed a sponge for. (I recently ditched the big orange sponge for the tiny purple sponges and I’ll never look back.) Part of it was that I didn’t wear foundation that would blend well with a Beauty Blender. Beauty Blenders are designed for more liquidy foundations, and I was using a very thick formula foundation on a daily basis. Once I purchased a more liquidy foundation and had a little more money though, I decided to try it just once, just to see what everyone was talking about. Honestly, I needed something to push me over into VIB territory at Sephora and I said “Screw it!” and grabbed the BB in the checkout line… But hey, my impulse buy is your gain!

It looks like this:


Well, mine looks like this. Pardon the stains (we’ll get to those later). This it the BB in its full, dampened glory. It’s about half this size when it’s totally dry. The way I like to dampen it is by repeatedly squeezing it while it’s under running water. Once I feel like it’s fully saturated, I’ll squeeze it with my fist (don’t wring it!) and then wrap it in a washcloth and squeeze it again to really make sure there’s no extra moisture that could water down my foundation. Then I just put some foundation on the back of my hand, dip my BB into it and bounce it all over my face until I have smooth, even coverage.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

PROS: This sponge applies my foundation better than anything I’ve ever used. Hands down. I’m in love. I’m using less foundation that i would have to with other tools, as the BB absorbs much less foundation than any brush or sponge I’ve ever used. I’m also getting more coverage than I do with the brush I normally use. Here, let me show you:


This is my favorite foundation brush. It’s just a flat-topped brush from Wet N Wild. Side note: if you haven’t tried Wet N Wild’s brushes, you’re missing out. They’re some of my favorite brushes in the world.


This is my face with freshly applied foundation. The left side of this picture, the foundation was applied using the Wet N Wild brush. The right side, the foundation was applied using my Beauty Blender. Just from this picture, I think you can see how much better the coverage is on the Beauty Blender side. I especially like that the Beauty Blender makes it easier to cover the under eye area, which is awesome for days when you’re short on time and don’t want to wear concealer. Let’s get a closer look.


Applied using brush.


Applied using Beauty Blender.

I think there’s a big difference, and I hope you can see it in these photos!

CONS: Ok, I have two cons for this product. One, I think the price of this is ridiculous. I guarantee that the sponge doesn’t cost that much to make and $20 is an absolutely ridiculous price. Two, this sponge stains very easily. I can’t seem to wash stains all the way out, no matter what I use. This isn’t a performance issue, just an aesthetic one.

All that being said, will I repurchase this product? Honestly… Ugh, I hate to say it because the price is stupid, but I’ll probably buy it again. It applies my foundation quickly, evenly, and without using too much product. I have no complaints other than price, and it really performs better than anything else I’ve used. This product is A+ 10/10 would recommend.

The next product I want to review (and this will be a shorter one, I promise) is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Alex, you have combination skin! You just made a post about it! What gives?” Well friends, the truth is that sometimes I’m stupid and in a rush and I don’t read labels and accidentally grab the wrong formula. HOWEVER. This time, it was a happy accident. I never would have grabbed this formula if I had been paying attention, and now it’s my new favorite foundation.


This is the bottle. For reference, this is the foundation I used in the previous BB demonstration. This is the reason I bought the BB. Much like the BB, YouTubers seem to love this foundation and rave about it all the time. I had no particular reason not to buy it other than I already had a foundation I loved. I had tried the whipped Colorstay and loved it, but until a few weeks ago I never tried just the regular Colorstay.

Long story short, I love this foundation. I can wear this to the office and come out looking almost as good as I did when I walked in. WITH NO SETTING POWDER. I’m notoriously bad at remembering to powder when I’m stumbling around in the morning, and I was fully expecting this to break up in my T-Zone but to my surprise, it held up all day. It controlled my oil!!! And it’s not even an oil control foundation!!! Listen, if you have a super oily T-zone and super dry skin everywhere else, you need to try this. I’m so pleasantly surprised and this has jumped to the top of my list.

I have two cons to this product as well. The first con is that I also somehow managed to screw up what color I needed, so this isn’t a perfect match on me. But that’s my fault! I normally wear a 200 Nude in Colorstay foundations, but the one I’m wearing in the pictures above is 180 Sand Beige. The second con is that it doesn’t have a pump. I hate open-topped foundations because it lets in more oxygen and bacteria than absolutely necessary. But again, this one is kind of my fault. They just released new packaging with pumps and I somehow managed to grab the only on the in the display that didn’t have a pump! I’m going to have to buy a pump off on Amazon, or get the pump that fits on the jar from BeautyMP.

That’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed these reviews! What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to like my Facebook page!

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