Myth Busting: Pores

Hey everyone! I know this is going up a little late, but it’s technically still Skin Care Sunday! Today I wanted to make a quick post addressing some myths about pores and what you can actually do to keep them healthy and minimize their appearance!

The first big myth about pores is that you can shrink them using special products or by splashing cold water on your face. WRONG. The pores you have are the pores you have and there’s not much you can do about it. You can definitely do things to hide the size of your pores, but you can’t change their physical size. I have big pores around my nose so I like to keep them clear of sebum by using a bentonite clay mask. I follow that up with some kind of BHA to get in there and dissolve the remaining sebum, then I moisturize like crazy to help the skin stay plump. Moisturizing and keeping the skin plump is actually the best way to disguise your pores. If you need a little extra help beyond that, a pore filling primer is great. Most people like Porefessional by Benefit of the Smashbox Photo Finish or Pore Minimizing primers, but I find that Monistat Anti-Chaffing Gel works just as well and it’s waaaaay cheaper.

Myth number two is that your nose is covered in black heads. NOPE. What you’re seeing is actually sebum trapped in your pores. They look dark because sometimes there’s some dirt in there, or sometimes your sebum is just a little darker than your skin tone. No need to freak out about it, and you can minimize the appearance of sebum by using the method listed above about once per week.

Myth three, and this is a big one, is that blackhead strips are good for your face. NO NO NO. They are actually awful. We already covered the sebum in your pores and how to extract it, but doesn’t sound easier (and honestly look/feel more satisfying) to just pull the sebum plugs all out in one go? It’s easier, but in the long run you’ll cause way more damage to your skin. Pulling out the plugs actually stretches out your pores and can make them permanently bigger over time. No one wants that.

So remember: wash your face, moisturize like crazy, try a pore minimizing primer, try a bentonite clay mask, and above all else LEAVE YOUR PORES ALONE. If your pores are still visible even after trying all of these things, don’t pick at them or try to change them in a drastic way. Your pores are the way they are and you are so much more than the small openings in your face.

Did you enjoy this short little pore myth-busting post? Wanna see more posts like this? Leave me feedback in the comments below!


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