LUSH Favorites

Hey everyone! Today’s post isn’t exactly makeup related, but it is kinda sorta beauty related, so I figured why not! If you know me in real life, you know how much I love LUSH products. Like… I know them well enough that even the sales associates think I should work there. So I have some pretty strong opinions on LUSH products. Today I want to share my absolute favorite products to buy from that delightfully smelly store!


1twilight bath bomb.jpg

The Twilight bath bomb is heaven for me on nights when I’m feeling stressed and need some serious pampering. It makes your tub look like the night sky, which is something I can definitely get behind. It smells like lavender and ylang ylang, which makes for an intoxicatingly floral experience. 20 minutes soaking in a tub with this bath bomb and a glass wine or cup of tea has me ready to sleep for 14 hours straight!

2frozen bath bomb.jpg

The Frozen bath bomb is probably my absolute favorite bath bomb of all time. It’s packed with neroli oil, which is my favorite essential oil. It smells like my abuelita’s perfume, so smelling is makes me feel cozy and at peace. It’s also got rose oil, which I also adore. I love mixing this with a citrusy or floral bubble bar for the ultimate bath experience.


Avobath is a bath bomb that’s not particularly relaxing in scent, but it makes the water feel like silk. My skin has never felt softer coming out of a bath than when I use Avobath. Again, I pair it with a citrusy bubble bar to make my bath extra fun. Great for reading in the bath, since you don’t relax to the point where you can’t focus on your novel.


I almost feel bad including this one since it comes out once a year, but I love it so much I have to mention it. The Rose Bombshell bath bomb is true to its name in that it explodes into a pink rose petal filled dream. It smells strongly of LUSH’s signature rose absolute, which I want to wear all over my body all the time. I pair this with the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, another favorite of mine.


Speaking of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon… Here it is! It smells of pure roses and makes the biggest, most beautiful bubbles you’ve ever dreamed of! Great on its own for a bubble bath or paired with a floral bath bomb for the complete experience.


A French Kiss is a great, relaxing bubble bar to use on days when you just need to chill. It smells like French lavender and rosemary and it just heaven in a bar.


I cannot recommend the Fun product from LUSH enough. It’s essentially like playdough you can bathe with. It can be body wash, shampoo, or whatever you want. I mostly use it for big bubble baths. The one shown above is a spring product, but it’ll last you the whole year until it’s available again. Gold Fun smells like Honey I Washed the Kids, a honey-citrus kind of smell. But I recommend trying all the colors to find your favorite!



Outback Mate is a minty wakeup call! If you like the smell of peppermint, you’ll love this! As someone who loves morning showers (but usually showers at night because I’m too lazy to get up that early…) this is a great product to start your day off!


The same thing is true about Sexy Peel. The citrus scent is so bright and strong, you won’t help but wake up in your shower and feel amazing all day!


Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is expensive, but so so so good. I’m a big fan of in-shower moisturizers, and Ro’s Argan is my favorite. It smells like rose jam and makes my skin feel so soft and supple. Save up and splurge on a container of it! You won’t be sorry!

Hair Care


I love Big shampoo. It gave my hair so much lift and volume! My only issue is during the months when my hair is a little drier, this shampoo stripped a little too much oil out of my hair. But if you have oily hair, give this a try! I still love the way it gave my hair volume!


Jersey Bounce is a new love of mine, but I think it’s meant to be. It has sea salt like Big, but also has a lot more moisturizing ingredients to keep my hair strong and soft, while still providing lift. Also it smells amazing! If you need extra moisture but don’t want to weigh down your hair, give Jersey Bounce a try!


I happen to love LUSH’s shampoo bars. 1, they’re great for travelling since you don’t have to worry about exceeding your liquid limit or worse, spilling something all over your suitcase. 2, they’re great for the environment since you’re not using disposable plastic to house the product. Brazilliant is a citrusy dream for curly hair. It’s light and makes your curls look so shiny an amazing.


I also love Godiva for nourishing my hair. Chunks of shea butter moisturize and the jasmine scent makes me feel heavenly. I never got more compliments on the way my hair smelled than when I used this product.


Happy Happy Joy Joy has that same delightful neroli scent that Frozen does, so of course I love it. It’s moisturizing, but doesn’t weight my hair down too much. Again, this makes my hair smell great afterwards and people always compliment me on it.


During the summer, my hair gets this delightful red tint to it that I love. The rest of the year, it’s pretty flat. I decided to try henna to get the red color I loved so much. I settled on Caca Rouge from LUSH and I loved it! It gave my hair just the right amount of red and it looked so natural! If you have dark hair and want to add just a hint of red, I highly recommend this product!



If your face is super dry, you need to try Rosy Cheeks. The calamine in it soothed my damaged skin and made it feel so soft and moisturized after I busted up my skin barrier. 10/10 would recommend.


Love Lettuce is probably my favorite. I use it a couple times a week and it just leave my skin feeling soft and smooth and moisturized. I’m usually against physical exfoliants, but the ground almonds are gentle enough that they remove dead skin without messing up my face.


BB Seaweed also has ground almonds, but it’s even more moisturizing that Love Lettuce, I think. I like to buy this when I’ve had a rough skin week or if I’ve been out in the sun a lot. It’s super cooling and relaxing to use.



Lust is my favorite LUSH perfume, so it’s no surprise I like the massage bar with the same scent, Yes Yes Yes. I love the relaxing jasmine scent, making it ideal for relaxing sore muscles at the end of a long work day.


Again with the rose, I know, but I can’t help it. Pearl smells like Rose Jam and makes me feel pretty and relaxed at the end of the day. It’s even better if I can get my partner to massage me with it and make me feel fully pampered for 5 minutes.


Wiccy Magic Muscles is amazing. If you like icy hot, which I do, you’ll love it. Instant relief for your sorest muscles. Love yourself. Buy this. Use it. Thank me later.


Until recently I didn’t know what to do with my dusting powder, but over the summer I found the perfect use! If you’ve got thighs that touch, you know that shorts are an invitation for chaffing. Before you get sweaty, rub this stuff all over your inner thighs for a silky smooth shorts experience! I like Silky Underwear for this, as well as to deodorize my shoes!



Lust is a big favorite of mine. It smells spicy and floral, with all that jasmine and rose and sandalwood. It’s a great scent for fall, but I wear it year round. I love that is comes in solid form, which means I can take it anywhere and apply it easily without making a mess. I keep one of these in my purse at all times, just in case I forget to apply perfume before I leave the house.

And that’s my roundup of my favorite LUSH products! What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, don’t forget to follow me and share this with your friends!




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